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LMS Type Plum Coupling With Double Flange
  • LMS Type Plum Coupling With Double Flange

LMS Type Plum Coupling With Double Flange

    Plum Coupling

    · Model:LMS Type With Double Flange

    · NorminalTorque: 25N. M - 25000N. M

    · Connection: Shaft hole 

    · Shaft Hole Diameter(d1,d2): 12mm - 160mm

    · Shaft Hole Length (L): 27mm - mm

    · Applications: Metallurgy, mining, lifting, transportation, petroleum, chemical, ships, textile, light industry, agricultural machinery, printing machines and pumps, fans, compressors, machine tools and other mechanical equipment and industry shaft transmission.

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  • Description

    Industrial Flexible Jaw Coupling For Transmission

    1. Plum Couplings is a monolithic plum-shaped elastic ring installed in the shape of the same half of the coupling between the claws in order to achieve the coupling half coupling
    2. The couplings are used for general purpose. They offer a range of hub and element selection to meet different demands.
    3. They permit quick and easy assembly by means of taper bush. They are offered in both pilot bore and finished bore.
    4. Customized requirement is available.






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