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Why is the cardan shaft damaged?



When using the cardan shaft, it is a common thing to have the cardan shaft shaft breakage. Some people don't understand it. I want to know why the cardan shaft shaft will be damaged. Xiaobian knows that there are five main reasons for its damage. Let's see what the reasons for these five major damages are.

First, environmental reasons. Barbie powder says that the discharge corrosion caused by induction electricity is caused by corrosion caused by acid and alkali. Of course, it may also be due to the deterioration of the lubricating oil and the resulting corrosion.

Second, the cause of wear. Since the continuous use of the cardan shaft causes component loss during the movement, it causes damage due to wear.

Third, human reasons. Some workers may use the cardan shaft shaft because the selection is not correct, the maintenance is not good enough, the processing accuracy is not up to standard, or there is a misalignment when installing, which causes damage to the cardan shaft.

Fourth, break. Because the use of the cardan shaft occurs when the device exceeds its own fatigue limit state, which will inevitably lead to component breakage, which will cause damage to the cardan shaft.

Fifth, the reason for connecting the bolts. Some people may cause damage due to the design, selection, or improper installation of the bolts, which is a particularly important factor in the damage of the cardan shaft.

The above is the five reasons why the cardan shaft shaft can be damaged. If you want your equipment to be used for a long time, then you must do the maintenance and maintenance work during the process of using the cardan shaft shaft. Only then can you ensure that it is in the process of maintenance. Reduce the chance of damage when used.


SWC-BF type cardan shaft

How to perform maintenance on the cardan shaft?

Proper maintenance of the cardan shaft ensures maximum operation and ensures that its service life is longer. However, many people do not know the maintenance steps, so today we will come to the universal direction. The specific operation steps of the shaft maintenance are understood. I hope that everyone can understand the maintenance of the cardan shaft shaft in the future.

First of all, everybody must check the parts of the important parts of the connecting flange every day to see if there are loose bolts. If bolts are found to be loose, then it is necessary to tighten them immediately. In this way, the reinforcement effect can be achieved, thereby avoiding the looseness of the cardan shaft shaft bolt and affecting the operation of the equipment.

Secondly, it is necessary to check whether the bearing has heat or noise. It depends on whether the spline pair has serious wear or abnormal vibration or noise. If such a situation occurs, then It is necessary to see what the cause is in time, and then remove it to make a part replacement. Do not let the cardan shaft work in a diseased state.

Once again, it is a good habit to regularly lubricate the cardan shaft shaft. Its lubrication cycle needs to be adjusted according to the use environment of the equipment itself. If the environment used is better, then its lubrication time can be extended. The environment is poor, you need to reduce the interval between lubrication.

Finally, the cardan shaft shaft should be repaired regularly. The specific repair time is related to the industry and the on-site environment. The maintenance period varies from three months to one year. Therefore, users only need to combine the actual situation of their own enterprises. Determine the appropriate maintenance cycle.

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