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The Structure And Function Of Universal Joint



The universal joint is a machine that realizes variable-angle power transmission and is used to change the position of the transmission axis. It is the “joint” component of the universal transmission of the automotive drive system. Universal joints with transmission shafts are called universal joint transmissions. In front-engine rear-wheel drive vehicles, the universal joint transmission is installed between the transmission output shaft and the drive axle main reducer input shaft; the front-engine front-wheel drive vehicle omits the drive shaft, and the universal joint installation It is between the front axle and the axle that is responsible for driving and steering.

The structure and function of the gimbal are a bit like the joints on the limbs of the human body. It allows the angle between the connected parts to change within a certain range. In order to meet the changes in the angle caused by power transmission, adaptive steering, and up and down run-out caused by the vehicle's operation, the drive axle of the front-drive car is commonly connected to the axles.

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Universal Joint

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