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The Introduction Of CL And GICL Type Gear Coupling



The CL type gear coupling is suitable for connecting two horizontal axis transmission shaft systems, which possesses certain compensation for the relative displacement of two axes. The CL type gear coupling transfers nominal torque 710-1000000N.m. The CL type gear coupling consists of two internally toothed outer shells and two outer toothed sleeves. Sleeve and shaft are keyed. Two shells are bolted together. There is a seal between the shell and the sleeve. Internal gear teeth and external gear teeth are equal

Compared with the CL-type straight-tooth coupling, GICL type drum gear couplings has the advantages of compact structure, small gyration radius, large bearing capacity, high transmission efficiency, low noise, and long maintenance cycle. It is particularly suitable for low speed heavy load conditions.

GICL Type Drum Gear Coupling

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