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Coupling Gear Shaping Method



Production practice and theoretical analysis show that proper shaping of the tooth profile of the involute gear coupling along the tooth direction, tooth height has a significant effect on improving the bearing capacity and service life of the gear. The purpose and method of shape modification by tooth direction is to compensate the bending and torsional elastic deformation of the gear under load, the anti-symmetric curve of the tooth surface bending and torsional elastic deformation can be taken as the tooth direction repair curve; The assembly error, the bearing clearance and other reasons caused by the twisting degree, the drum can be modified by the drum type, in order to avoid contact deformation, the gear can be modified at the tooth end, in order to compensate for the influence of thermal deformation on the tooth contact accuracy, The gear is corrected for the hot deformation tooth direction. The function of the top trimming edge is to reduce the load of the gear when starting and ending the twisting; the load is transmitted smoothly during the twisting process without generating chattering. According to the relevant information, after the top of the tooth is trimmed, the load on the top of the tooth at the beginning and end of the twisting is reduced by 1/3-3/5, the root stress is also reduced accordingly. In addition, the top of the tooth and the root of the tooth are simultaneously modified, which compensates for the influence of manufacturing error and elastic deformation to some extent, improves the smoothness of the transmission.

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