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Structural characteristics of the gear coupling and rigid coupling



  1. The structural characteristics of the gear coupling

  Because we are main gear coupling manufacturer in our country,i want to tell you something about the gear coupling.The gear coupling is composed of internal gear ring with the same number of gear and flange half coupling with external gear.External gear are divided into straight gear and drum gear. The so-called drum gear is to make the external gear into spherical surface. The spherical surface is centered on the gear shaft line. The gap between the gear sides is larger than that of ordinary gears.The drum gear coupling can allow larger angular displacement (relative to the straight gear coupling), which can improve the contact conditions of the gear, improve the torque transmission capacity and prolong the service life. When the gear coupling is working, the two shafts produce relative displacement, and the gear surfaces of the inner and outer gear periodically slide axially relative to each other, which will inevitably lead to gear surface wear and power loss. Therefore, the gear coupling needs to work under good lubrication and sealing conditions. Gear coupling has small radial size and large bearing capacity, and is long for shaft transmission under low speed and heavy load working conditions. Gear coupling with high precision and dynamic balance can be used for high speed transmission, such as shaft transmission of gas turbine.

Gear coupling

Gear coupling

  2. The rigid couplings can be divided into two kinds

  Rigid couplings can be divided into two types: assembly type and integral forging type.Assembled rigid coupling is a method that two halves of coupling are respectively sleeved on the respective shaft ends by using a hot sleeve and double bonds, then the center and reaming are aligned, and finally the two halves are fastened by bolts.The whole forging type rigid coupling is forged integrally with the shaft. The strength and rigidity of this coupling are higher than that of the assembled coupling, and there is no looseness.In order to make a small adjustment to the axial position of the rotor, shims are installed between the two coupling halves, and shims with a certain thickness are prepared according to specific dimensions during installation.

Rigid Coupling

Rigid Coupling 

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