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How To Remove The Cardan Shaft?



1) Remove the SWP-A Type Cardan Shaft from the car. The dismantling of the propeller shaft shall start from the rear end of the propeller shaft of the rear section and be disassembled forward and backward. First unscrew the four bolts on the universal fork connected to the drive axle, remove the rear end of the main drive shaft, and then unscrew the four bolts on the universal fork connected to the intermediate drive shaft. Remove the front end so that the entire main drive shaft can be disassembled; loosen the connecting bolts between the middle support and the cross member of the frame, remove the end with intermediate support, and finally loosen the nut connected to the parking brake drum, and turn the middle The entire shaft is removed.

2) Check before assembly disintegration. The assembly mark on the assembly should be checked for completeness and clarity. If the mark is incomplete or unclear, clearly mark it before disassembling.

3) Decomposition of sliding spline pairs. Unscrew the sleeve and cover the oil. Pull the spline shaft out of the sleeve fork and remove the oil seal, oil seal gasket and oil seal cap.

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SWP-A Type Cardan Shaft

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