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Reasons For Cardan Shaft Shaking



The biggest feature of Cardan Shaft is that its structure has large angular compensation capability, compact structure and high transmission efficiency. The angles of the two axes of different structural types of universal joints are different, generally between 5° and 45°. When using the cardan shaft, the vibrations sometimes generated by shaking are mainly caused by the following reasons:

1. Compensation for the balance block or component imbalance of the cardan shaft.

2. When assembling, the two cardan shaft directions are not in the same plane.

3. When the universal joint is bent, the shaft tube is recessed, and the drive shaft is assembled, the sign does not tend to the joint of the universal joint and the spline shaft and the shaft tube joint, which destroys the original balance.

4. The cardan shaft flange coupling is loose, causing the position to be deflected.

5. The spline sleeve spline of the cardan shaft wears too much, or the gap is too large.

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Cardan Shaft

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