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Properties Of Tyre Coupling



Tire coupling tire body is one of the necessary spare parts for Tyre Coupling, and it is divided into UL, LA and LB tires. Tyre Coupling is classified into two types: convex and concave. The convex shape is divided into three types: one with skeleton, one without bone, and one with radial notch. The inner side of the tire ring is bonded to the steel skeleton by a vulcanization method, and nuts are welded to the bolt holes on the skeleton.

During assembly, bolts are used to connect the flanges of the two coupling halves. The tightening bolts are used to transmit the torque generated by the friction between the tire and the end face of the flange. The torsion shear deformation occurs when the tire ring works, Tyre Coupling has The high elasticity, the ability to compensate for the relative displacement of the two axes is greater, and there is good damping, and the structure is simple, no lubrication, installation and disassembly and maintenance are more convenient.

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Tyre Coupling

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