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Precautions when refueling the universal joint shaft



The universal joint shaft cannot be lubricated with butter

Butter is composed of thickener calcium and base oil, and its structure is relatively dispersed. If the operation is continued for a long period of time under a large load, most of the base lubricating oil in the oil film is separated, and the oil film is substantially absent. Moreover, the fluidity of the butter at normal temperature is very poor, and the needle roller can only be rotated in place during work. Therefore, when the original oil film fails, it is difficult to form a new oil film, resulting in a semi-dry friction or dry friction state of the cardan shaft.

Because the toughness of the butter film is poor, and the cardan shaft is subjected to large torque and alternating load during operation, it is difficult to form a good oil film in the bearing. Therefore, the lubrication of the cardan shaft cannot be used with butter, but the gear oil should be added.

The universal joint shaft is subjected to large torque and alternating load during operation. The damage forms are mainly the wear of the universal journal journal and needle bearing, the indentation of the universal joint journal and the needle bearing bowl working surface.

In the vehicle maintenance specification, it is specified that the sliding fork teeth and the intermediate bearing use calcium-based grease (butter): the needle bearing of the cardan shaft and the intermediate bearing of the three-bridge driving vehicle use gear oil. However, in actual work, the nozzle of the universal joint shaft is the same as the grease fitting, sometimes for the convenience of operation, and sometimes there is no filling equipment. Many drivers and warranty personnel mistakenly use butter on the cardan shaft needle roller shaft. Lubrication, causing early damage to the cardan shaft.


SWP-A Type Cardan Shaft

Some people may find that when they add fuel to the universal joint shaft, many people are very upset. I don’t know what the reason for adding oil is. The cardan shaft supplier found that it caused the universal joint shaft. There are four main reasons for not adding oil. Let's take a look at what these four reasons are.

First, the oil hole is blocked. If the nozzle is deformed or the nozzle is rusted, then the oil path will be blocked in such a situation. Therefore, it is necessary to replace the nozzle in time. When replacing, make sure the interface is clean. Also avoid dust, dirt or gravel inside.

Second, the intake pressure is insufficient. The oiler of this kind of equipment itself uses the action of the pump to make the pressure of the oil become relatively high, and then achieves the oil filling effect by means of high pressure. Therefore, if the pressure of the oiler itself is insufficient, it is likely to cause the addition. Do not enter the oil situation.

Third, it is not suitable to add grease. Grease works on the principle that the thickener keeps the oil in the position where it needs to be lubricated. When there is a load, the thickener releases the oil and acts as a lubricant. However, if it is necessary to replace it in time in different seasons, it is easy to make the lubricating oil harden and block the oil hole, so that it will naturally not add oil.

Fourth, human error is judged. In some cases, the worker may not consider the amount of oil remaining or the condition of the factory pre-filled oil, which may result in the addition of oil during the refueling.

The above is the precautions when refueling the cardan shaft. As workers must be cautious when refueling, if you encounter the situation of adding oil, you must eliminate the real cause of the problem one by one, and then find the cause and then discharge the fault, so it is not difficult to refuel. If the problem cannot be solved, please contact the cardan shaft manufacturer for repair.

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