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Performance Of Pin Coupling



The pin coupling uses a pin with an elastic sleeve (rubber material) at one end and is installed in the flange holes of the two coupling halves to connect the two coupling halves. The elastic sleeve pin coupling was once the most widely used coupling in China. It was developed as a mechanical part standard as early as the end of the 1950s. The JB08-60 elastic ring pin coupling is the first part in China. Standard coupling.

LX Type Flexible Pin Coupling selled by our company has the advantages of simple structure, no lubrication, no need for bonding with metal vulcanization, easy replacement of elastic sleeves, no need to move the coupling half, and compensation for the relative displacement of two axes and cushioning performance. Although Flexible Pin Coupling can compensate axial displacement and elasticity, the allowable compensation for axis displacement is less and the elasticity is weaker. Flexible Pin Coupling is based on the locking force of the pin group and generates a friction moment at the contact surface, and compresses the rubber elastic sleeve to transmit the torque.

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LX Type Flexible Pin Coupling

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