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Introduction Of Flange Coupling



Flange Coupling uses bolts to connect two flange (flange) disk half couplings. The two coupling halves are keyed to the two shafts to achieve two-axis coupling to transmit torque and movement. It is a kind of fixed rigid coupling which is widely used. It has strong structure, reliable operation, large transmission torque, and convenient assembly and disassembly.

It can connect two shafts of different diameters, and can also connect conical shaft extensions. It is generally used for shafting transmission with stable load, high speed or high transmission accuracy. Flange couplings do not have radial, axial, and angular compensation capabilities. If the accuracy of the coupled two axes is not guaranteed during use, the service life, drive accuracy, and transmission frequency of the coupling will be reduced, and causes vibration and noise.

GY Type Flange Coupling

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