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How To Classify The Coupling?



Flexible Couplings without Elastic Components: Due to their flexibility, these couplings compensate for the relative displacement of the two axes. However, due to the non-elastic components, it is not possible to buffer the vibration. Such as: Lingsi cross slider coupling, cross shaft universal coupling, tooth coupling, etc. 2) Flexible coupling with elastic elements: This coupling is not only equipped with elastic elements, not only It can compensate for the relative displacement between the two shafts and has the ability to buffer vibration.

The more energy the elastic element can save, the stronger the buffering capacity of the coupling; the greater the elastic lag of the elastic element and the greater the frictional power between the elastic deformations, the better the damping capacity of the coupling. Couplings of this type are currently used in a wide range, and there are more and more varieties. Such as: roller chain coupling, elastic sleeve pin coupling, plum-shaped elastic coupling, tire-type flexible coupling, diaphragm coupling and so on.

LX Type Flexible Pin Coupling

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