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Balance Problem of The Coupling



For various reasons, the coupling such as the Flange Coupling does not coincide with its center of mass or inertia spindle and its axis of rotation. During operation, it will produce unbalanced centrifugal inertia force, centrifugal inertia force and dynamic deflection (vibration shape), which is called rotor imbalance. Phenomenon, this imbalance will inevitably cause vibration of the shafting, which will affect the normal operation and service life of the machine. Therefore, the balance of the coupling that may be from Flange Coupling Supplier must be taken seriously. The degree of unbalance (unbalance amount U) is usually expressed by the mass mr of the mass m of the rotor and the distance r from the centroid to the rotor axis, which is called the mass diameter product. Also expressed by the mass mass product of unit mass, called eccentricity e (not geometrically eccentric.) The mass diameter product mr is a relative quantity related to the rotor mass, and the eccentricity e is a rotor quality. The absolute amount. The former is more intuitive and is often used for the balancing operation of a given rotor. The latter is used to measure the balance of the rotor balance or the accuracy of the detection balance. The balance level standard of the coupling is evaluated by e. For the flexible rotor, the eccentricity (nth-order mode) en=Un/mn is used, and Un and mn are the n-th mode and the mode-mode quality, respectively.

In order to correct or minimize the unbalance of the coupling that may be from Flange Coupling Manufacturer, the appropriate balance level should be selected as needed, and after the product is manufactured and installed on the machine, pass through the balance (correction) plane specified by the coupling. Increase or decrease the appropriate quality method to achieve a balance level requirement. This process is called balance correction, referred to as balance.

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