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Method Of Testing The Coupling



The Flange Coupling test is very important to ensure that the coupling works properly. Proper inspection of the coupling in accordance with the inspection procedures is conducive to providing work efficiency. Provide some introductions for the inspection of the coupling.

1. Is the material qualified?

When inspecting parts, first check the specifications and grades of the materials used for the parts according to the title bar and process files of the drawings. Check the grain orientation and status of the plates. After passing the test, perform the dimensional inspection.

2, check the specific parameters of the coupling

For example: check the geometry of the coupling against the main view and other views; check the position of each element is correct, such as holes, slots, etc.;

3. Check the dimensional accuracy of the coupling

When checking the dimensional accuracy of the coupling, it must be carried out in accordance with the drawings, processes and technical conditions. Generally, the shape of the shape is checked first. When the shape of the inspection is complicated, the specific data is included in the table textile omission.

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