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Eight Factors for Choosing a Coupling



There are many types, types, and specifications of couplings. Based on the correct understanding of the respective concepts of types, types, and specifications, the couplings are selected according to the needs of the drive system. The couplings are first selected from the couplings that have been formulated as standards. There are more than a dozen kinds of national standards and standards. Most of these standard couplings are universal couplings. Each type of coupling has its own characteristics and application scope, and can basically meet the needs of a variety of working conditions. Under normal circumstances, designers do not need to design their own couplings. They must design their own couplings only when the existing standard couplings cannot meet the requirements. Standard couplings are easy to purchase and are much cheaper than self-designed non-standard couplings. Among the many standard couplings, the right choice of the best coupling for their needs is related to the working performance, reliability, service life, vibration, noise, energy saving, transmission efficiency, transmission accuracy, A series of issues such as economics are also related to the quality of mechanical products.

 The designer should choose the coupling from the perspective of the shafting drive system when selecting the coupling, and should avoid simply considering the coupling coupling between the main and the driven end.

The following eight factors should be considered when selecting: 1. The mechanical characteristics of the power machine; 2. The type of load; 3. The allowable speed;

4.Relative displacement of the associated two axes; 5. Transmission accuracy; 6. Dimension, installation and maintenance; 7. Working environment; 8. Manufacturing, installation, maintenance and cost.

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