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What to pay attention to when installing the diaphragm coupling(part 1)



What should we pay attention to when installing diaphragm coupling

What to pay attention to in the process of the actual installation of Diaphragm Coupling this product, have some of their own precautions, especially if it is to be hot installed, then they have to have some of their own attention.

Seat the diaphragm coupling number

If the plan is to heat the diaphragm coupling from Diaphgram Coupling Factory, so early to go before they should choose a and their matching a diaphragm coupling, actually they are in the process of hot charging, make sure all is in pairs, and only in this way can meet the installation of the whole machine model, so such a choice is very important, is to find out the related number or mark, then it is ok to make mark on it.

Diaphragm coupling temperature

Guangzhou ling branch automation equipment co., LTD., diaphragm coupling in the process of hot charging temperature if they rose to 100 ℃, all the scene of some of the workers should pay attention to safety, and such a product, in the actual assembly at the same time, also want to good record of temperature, but also through a variety of different ways, make a series of record of the temperature and under the mode of the record, will have a variety of different current values, similarly, they span a litre should not across 30 ℃, and such a cross pattern, relatively is also recognized by more and more people.


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