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Tips And Instructions For Coupling In Assembly



Tips And Instructions For Coupling In Assembly

The difference between a coupling and a clutch:

Diaphgram Coupling China manufacturer shares that the coupling has the functions of compensating relative displacement of two axes, buffering and damping, and safety protection. The clutch can be used as a safety device to control the transfer torque when starting or overloading.

Coupling and clutch, mainly used for the interconnection of two shafts. Their main functions are to transfer motion and torque, but the former is not separated when working, while the latter has the function of joining and separating.

What are the technical requirements for coupling assembly?

No matter which type of coupling, the main technical requirement of assembly is to ensure the coaxiality of the two shafts. Otherwise, the two shafts connected will generate additional resistance and increase mechanical vibration when rotating. In severe cases, the coupling and shaft may be deformed or damaged. This requirement is especially important for rigid coupling with high speed rotation. Therefore, the percentage meter should be used to check the coupling runout and the coaxiality error of the two shafts.

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How about flange coupling assembly method?

Flange type coupling assembly in the first shaft 3, shaft 4 installed flat keys and flange disc 1 and 2, and fixed gear box. Then fix the dial gauge on flange disc 2, and make the dial gauge measure the crown on the outer circle of flange disc 1, rotate the two axes synchronously, and ensure the coaxiality of the two flange discs according to the dial gauge reading. After alignment, fix the motor and coupling, but the fixing bolts must be tightened properly to avoid affecting alignment accuracy.

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