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Analysis of diaphragm coupling life and mechanical principle



A coupling is a transmission part that connects the motor to the equipment. A mechanical part that connects two shafts in different mechanisms (the driving shaft and the driven shaft) so that they rotate together to transmit torque. In high speed and heavy load power transmission, some couplings have the function of buffering, damping and improving the dynamic performance of shaft system. When selecting, please note that the rated torque on the data must be greater than the system load torque. The rated torque has considered the variable load factor during operation, so it is not necessary to adjust the rated torque value when it is selected. When selecting the size of the coupling, please note that the load torque generated by continuous operation should be lower than the rated torque. The rigid coupling does not have the ability to compensate the relative offset of the two shafts to be connected, nor does it have the performance of buffering and damping. But the structure is simple and the price is cheap. Only when the load is stable and the rotation speed is stable and the relative deviation of the two axes is extremely small can the rigid coupling be selected.

Diaphragm couplings supplied from Diaphgram Coupling Factory are usually made of engineering plastics or rubber. The life of the diaphragm coupling is the life of elasticity. The diaphragm coupling is obviously strained because of the compression. The general life of elastomers is 10 years. Due to the elastic buffer, the role of vibration, so there are strong vibration occasions in the use of more. The performance limit temperature of the elastomer of the diaphragm coupling determines the service temperature of the diaphragm coupling, generally ranging from -35 to +80.

1. Check the prime mover before installing the diaphragm coupling

Whether the two shafts of the working machine are concentric, whether there is wrapping paper on the surface of the two shafts and whether there is damage, whether there is sundry in the inner hole of the two half-coupling of the diaphragm coupling, whether there is damage in the edge of the inner hole, if there is, clean the shaft and half-coupling, and deal with the damage with fine file. Then check whether the inner hole diameter and length of the two half-couplings are consistent with the diameter and shaft extension length of the prime mover and the working machine. General selection, prime mover and working machine end half coupling length less than its shaft extension length of 10-30mm is good.

                                                          Diaphragm Coupling

2.In order to facilitate the installation of Diaphragm Coupling

It is better to put the two half-couplings in an incubator or oil tank of 120--150 for preheating, so that the inner hole size can be easily mounted. After installation, ensure that the shaft head does not protrude out of the end face of the half coupling. Test the distance between the two halves of the diaphragm coupling: take an average reading of 3--4 points along the two inner sides of the flange of the coupling, and sum the measured sizes of the extended section and the two diaphragm groups. The error between the two is controlled within the range of 0 -- 0.4mm.

3. Alignment of Diaphragm Coupling

Use the dial meter to detect the end face and outer circle run-out of the flange plate of the two halves of the coupling. When the outer circle of the flange plate is less than 250mm, the run-out value shall not be greater than 0.05mm. When the flange outer circle is greater than 250mm, the runout value should not be greater than 0.08.

4. Install Diaphragm Coupling bolts

Insert the bolt from the outside of the hole of flange plate, and insert the buffer sleeve, elastic washer and nut from the outside of the hole of another flange plate. Tighten the nut with a wrench. If the installation is not suitable or is removed or replaced, without damaging the shaft and the half connection, it is better to turn freely after the installation.

5.Diaphragm coupling operator instructions

Before starting the device, check whether the nut of the diaphragm coupling is loose or falls off. If so, tighten the nut with a wrench in time.

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