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Huading science: diaphragm coupling for conditioning



Huading science: diaphragm coupling for conditioning

The diaphragm coupling and the coupling belong to the rigid coupling as well as the elastic coupling. Whether heat treatment is necessary depends on the application load condition of the coupling. If the coupling is applied with large output power, it is proposed to carry out lower heat treatment for Diaphgram Coupling China.

The heat treatment process of high temperature quenching after heat treatment is called heat treatment. High temperature quenching refers to the quenching in the middle of 600-700℃. Aging treatment can make steel properties, material to achieve a large level of adjustment, its compressive strength, plastic deformation and ductility are good, with excellent comprehensive physical properties. Quenching soxite is obtained after heat treatment.

diaphragm coupling

Quenched by austenite, tempered sorbite can be distinguished by being 600~700 times larger under an optical microscope. It is a kind of metallographic structure with spheres of carbonides (including cementites) throughout the body. It is the austenite of this quenching mechanism, is the metallographic structure with granular carbide compounds. At this time, the metallographic structure has no carbon overcontrast, and the carbides are stable carbides. The normal temperature state is this equilibrium mechanism.

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