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Coupling Examples



Flange Coupling - Features: Simple structure, low cost, can transmit large torque. No relative displacement of the two shafts is allowed, no buffering. Uses: It is widely used in low speed, no impact, large rigidity of the shaft, and good neutrality.

Slider Couplings: Grooves on the half coupling 1.3 and flanges on the middle slide → Moving pairs → Offset to compensate for two axes, Applications: No cushioning, lubrication should be added to the shift → For low speed drives.

Flexible Couplings: Features: Shock absorption, can compensate for large axial displacements, minor radial displacements and angular displacements. Applications: Many positive and negative changes, starting frequent high-speed axes.

Safety coupling: The structural feature is that there is an insurance link (such as a pin movable connection, etc.), which can only withstand limited loads. When the actual load exceeds the pre-determined load, the insurance link changes, shuts off the transmission of motion and power, and thus protects the rest of the machine from damage, that is, acts as a safety protection. Start-up safety coupling: In addition to the overload protection function, there is also the function of converting the load-carrying start of the machine motor into an approximately no-load start.

Rigid Couplings: Rigid Couplings do not have the ability to compensate for relative misalignment of the axes of the coupled shafts and do not have cushioning and damping capabilities; however, they are simple in construction and inexpensive. Only when the load is stable, the rotational speed is stable, and the relative displacement of the coupled two-axis axes can be guaranteed to be minimal, the rigid coupling can be selected.

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