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Coupling Adjustment Method



Couplings are mainly used to connect the drive shafts of various mechanisms. Due to different mechanical equipment, the functions of various couplings are slightly different. For example, the coupling on the forklift is used to transmit the transmission and drive. The power between the bridges. For forklift trucks below 3t, due to the short longitudinal dimension of the drive train, the rigid coupling structure is generally adopted, that is, the bolt is connected from the starter-clutch-transmission-coupling shell-drive axle, that is, from the initiator to the drive axle is a rigid whole In the middle of the rigid whole, a gear coupling is used. For forklift trucks of 5t or more, due to the long longitudinal dimension of the transmission system, universal joints are generally used. Pass the power through the coupling to the drive axle of the forklift.

1) When the spline teeth on the gear are damaged and the matching clearance is greater than 0.4mm, it should be changed.

2) When the keyway on the gear is damaged, the keyway is allowed to expand and change. Or insert a keyway at 60° from the original keyway.

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