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Common faults and handling methods of gear coupling



The causes of the gear coupling failure mainly include the following two aspects: 1. The lifting fitting coupling has insufficient oil or lack of oil. Or improper use of grease, resulting in calcification of the grease, resulting in no lubrication between the tooth surface, or poor lubrication, resulting in severe tooth surface wear. Treatment method: As long as the new grease is replaced, the qualified grease oil is injected on time to prevent oil leakage and the oil quantity is sufficient to avoid. We are one of the good gear coupling suppliers in China. Let’s talk about it in detail.

Common faults of gear coupling:

1. The tooth surface of the gear coupling is seriously damaged. 2. The gear coupling ring gear produces a large amount of axial displacement and cannot even mesh. 3. The gear coupling has broken teeth. 4. Gear coupling is broken by the counter bolt.

Gear Coupling

Gear Coupling

Handling methods:

Gear Coupling Processing Method: This kind of fault handling is difficult and needs to be discontinued. That is, re-align or re-align the reducer side, or re-align the reel side. First find the part with large offset error, so we must first measure the coupling to the side, that is, measure the level and coaxiality of the main shaft and the horizontal and coaxiality of the main shaft of the reducer, and press the mass again. If the scale is corrected, the fault can be eliminated. If the author has found such a fault at the scene, the promotion machine is a JK-2.5/11.5 single-rope wrap-around hoisting machine. At that time, the concentricity deviation of the coupling was measured to be 2n, and the reducer side was low, resulting in The heavy-duty coupling can not work, the axial displacement of the inner ring gear exceeds the tooth width. After the survey and calculation, the reducer should be re-aligned according to the quality scale. After adjustment, the operation is normal and the fault is eliminated. In addition, the levelness and concentricity error of the two axes are large, causing the coupling to be different when rolling. The reason for the wear of the gear of the above-mentioned lifting fitting coupling is basically the same. In addition to the normal force, the connecting bolt is also subjected to an additional bending moment, thereby breaking it. This is the main reason. This reason often occurs in the horizontal height difference of the left and right of the reducer main shaft. In addition, the bolt diameter is thin, the strength is not enough, or the bolt material is poor, which can also cause the bolt to break.

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