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Why does the universal coupling break?



Many people who are new to the industry may not be familiar with universal couplings. Now Diaphragm Coupling Suppliers would like to talk about it in the form of questions and answers. Because this is a way of learning, so we should study hard, don't miss this opportunity to learn, so that there will be no regret. In addition, through the following learning, also can help us understand the product.

1.Why does the universal shaft of the universal coupling break?

A: the cardan shaft fracture may be due to improper selection, because the cardan shaft is selected differently under different conditions. In addition, there may be a problem with the quality itself, that is, the quality caused.

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2.What is a universal coupling called?

Answer: universal coupling, also known as universal joint, it is used to connect the two axis and the cross axis, and is an arbitrary Angle of the two axis, thus forming four rotating pairs.

3.Can universal couplings connect shafts of different sizes?

A: universal coupling can be connected to different sizes of shaft, but two points should be noted: first, to its torque requirements; When the velocity is relatively high, the Angle does not exceed 13° .

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