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What Is The Current State And Direction Of Coupling Development?



The development of Cardan Shaft China factory has been mainly after the founding of new China. After decades of construction and development, especially the sustained, rapid and steady development since the reform and opening up 40 years ago, China's coupling industry has formed an independent industrial system with a complete range of categories, a considerable scale and a certain level.

Cardan Shaft China

What is the current market condition of the Cardan Shaft China?

We will expand effective markets rapidly, focus on major projects, tap internal potential, and actively seek opportunities for expansion. We should focus on the development of products in the fields of iron and steel, heavy machinery, automobiles, wind power and machine tools, especially on the issue of localization. We should be fast-paced and efficient, make new breakthroughs as soon as possible, and do our best to expand the market.

What are the development directions of the coupling industry?

The lead time of couplings from Gear Coupling Factory is of the utmost importance. It has become a trend to require couplings to be delivered as soon as possible. Some companies constantly changing technology level, equipment level, management level, to improve efficiency in order to shorten the delivery cycle, improve the development ability, will develop work to push as far as possible, until the intervention into coupling user product development, even before there is no clear user object for development, change passive to active, boost the continuous development of the whole industry.

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