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Application Market Of Coupling



According to the statistics of the network media, at present, there are at least 180 million kilowatts of motors with variable energy load in the sea, which provides an extremely large market for the application of the coupling. The application of the coupling has been extended from common fans and pumps to food, beverage, logistics, buildings, etc., and the functions of the coupling have been promoted and diversified. On the one hand, it is fully digital and fully functional. Adaptive, self-tuning technology to compensate for load changes, especially distributed high-end couplings with communication, networking and integrated PLC; on the other hand, simple or industry-specific couplings and mechatronics, miniaturized Coupling. In addition, high-voltage and medium-voltage couplings have also made great strides due to the advent of new high-voltage power electronics.

Couplings are a hub for energy conservation. Couplings are increasingly being used on machines that are controlled by servo systems. Couplings differ from these general manufacturing machines in these areas in that the output must be highly tracked relative to the input. Recently, couplings have been increasingly used in precision machinery controlled by servo systems such as machine tools and semiconductor system manufacturing machines. In these areas, unlike conventional manufacturing machinery, the coupling must require its output to have a high degree of follow-up with respect to the input.

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