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Coupling Error Solution



It is a problem that the coupling such as Wheel Brake Grid Coupling will be deviated. If the cause of the deviation is correct, the deviation of the coupling can be prevented correctly. One is the radial deviation, that is, the two axes are parallel but the intermediate lines are no longer on the same line. The deviation generated at this time is called the radial deviation; the other is the angular deviation, that is, the angle between the two axes is at an angle. The third is the axial deviation, that is, the deviation caused by the two-axis reciprocating micro-motion.

Wheel Brake Grid Coupling

Coupling deviations do not only occur in the assembly of the equipment, vibration, thermal expansion, bearing wear and other factors can cause deviations during the working process. It is therefore recommended to adjust the axial deviation to less than 1/3 of the large value. Not only in chemical plants, like other rolling mills, 50% to 70% of transmission equipment damage is caused by the presence of a misalignment in the coupling, and the direct loss is the cost of replacing the spare parts. Indirect losses are caused by unplanned downtime, resulting in greater loss of downtime profits. How to find the alignment error of the coupling early and take timely measures to avoid the loss increase is a problem of serious concern in the chemical plant. Vibration analysis is predictive coupling. One of the misaligned technologies, it can judge the gradual change trend of the device state, but when judging whether a device is in a misaligned state, it needs a lot of data and examples in the past for reference. Couplings also need to distinguish between bearings, lubricants, couplings, or fixed connections, so there are certain limitations. Infrared camera technology can distinguish the overheated parts of bearings, motor housings, couplings, etc. when the equipment is in poor condition, and determine the alignment error of the coupling, combined with other prediction techniques such as vibration analysis. , the effect will be better.

The problem with the traditional three table alignment methods is that some devices are limited by the spatial position. It is impossible to set three dial gauges at the same time and make them follow the coupling rotation; or some end face processing of the coupling Rough, you can't set the dial indicator, so you can't use the three table alignment methods to correct the concentricity of the coupling. The method according to the invention comprises measuring and calculating the radial disparity of the coupling; measuring and calculating the axial misalignment of the coupling.

If a coupling error occurs, it is necessary to realign or realign the reducer side, or realign the reel side. Find the part with large offset error, so first measure the offset to which side of the coupling, that is, measure the horizontality and coaxiality of the main shaft and the horizontal and coaxiality of the main shaft of the reducer, and re-press the quality scale. If you correct the alignment, you can eliminate the malfunction. 

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