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What are the Classifications of Commonly Used Couplings?



Common coupling classification for couplings, such as Plum Coupling:
Couplings can be divided into rigid couplings, flexible couplings and safety couplings. The main types and characteristics of the coupling and its role in the role of the drive in the drive system.
Rigid couplings are further divided into flange couplings, radial key flange couplings, sleeve couplings, cage couplings and parallel shaft couplings.
Flexible couplings are further divided into non-metallic elastic element flexible couplings and metal elastic element flexible couplings.

Plum Coupling

Safety coupling (also called torque limiter, torque limiter, safety clutch).

What are the types of couplings, such as Diaphgram Coupling China?
1. Flange type coupling features: simple structure and low cost, can transmit large torque. It is widely used in situations where no impact is good for neutral.
2, the slider coupling: no buffer, the mobile pair should be lubricated → for low speed transmission
3, elastic coupling: suitable for rotary encoder, stepper motor; Features: buffer vibration absorption, can compensate for large axial displacement, trace amount
4, safety coupling: play the role of overload protection. It can alarm when there is no gap or overload in the keyless bushing connection.

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