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Factors Affecting the Dynamic Balance of The Universal Joint



Factors affecting the dynamic balance of the Heavy Duty Cardan Shaft:

In recent years, with the upgrading of various machinery industry equipment, the complete sets of equipment have gradually developed in the direction of efficient integration, and the use speed of the universal joint shaft is getting higher and higher. This brings two problems: one is the limit of the maximum speed of the universal joint shaft; the other is the dynamic balance accuracy requirement for the high-speed running of the universal joint shaft.

The balancing of the cardan shaft is to compensate for the unbalanced amount of eccentric rotation, thereby preventing vibration and reducing the additional load acting on the connected equipment.

Heavy Duty Cardan Shaft

The accuracy range of the universal joint dynamic balance:

For a cross-shaft universal coupling, the dynamic balance accuracy refers to the coincidence of the center of rotation and the center of mass.

The universal joint dynamic balance is performed on two planes, and the accuracy level is generally between G3.2-G40.

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