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Do You Understand The Role of The Cardan Shaft?



The universal joint such as Grid Coupling refers to the use of a ball type device to achieve shaft power output in different directions, which is a very important part of the car.

The structure and function of the universal joint such as Star Coupling is somewhat like the joint on the limbs of the human body, which allows the angle between the connected parts to vary within a certain range.

The Huading universal joint universal joint uses the characteristics of its mechanism to make the two shafts not on the same axis, and the two axes can be continuously rotated under the condition of the angle of the axis, and the torque and movement can be reliably transmitted.

Heavy Duty Cardan Shaft

The characteristics of Huading universal joint: its structure has large angular compensation capability, compact structure and high transmission efficiency. The angles of the two axes of different structural types of universal joints are different, generally between 5° and 45°.

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