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Causes Damage to The Universal Joint Parts



There are always some damages to the components of the universal coupling such as Flexible Coupling during use. What are the causes of damage to these components? The universal joint shaft manufacturer has summarized the following four reasons:

Flexible Coupling

(1) Due to the mutual wear of the parts during operation, the effective size changes to cause damage.

(2) Because the part is subjected to external force during operation, the part is bent, twisted, elliptical or other irregular shape. This change is usually referred to as the geometric loss of the part.

(3) Due to overheating, extrusion, etc. of the components of the coupling such as Flexible Bush Coupling during operation, damage to the mechanical properties of the surface layer is caused.

(4) Overall damage. The parts of the coupling are cracked, honeycombed, broken, broken and broken.

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