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Flange Coupling Sent To The Mines



Eases installation. Each one of the Flange Coupling weighs more than 1,720 pounds. Trying to align and engage keyways with couplings this big is a job that the mine’s engineers wanted to avoid.

And eases disassembly too. The mine’s engineering team likewise wanted a YL Type Flange Coupling solution that could be disassembled easily for maintenance. With the shrink discs, loosening the locking screws releases the pressure on the flange hub. The connection returns to its original clearance fit dimensions, freeing the shaft for removal.  Traditional machined shrink fits have no such release mechanism. To undo a traditional shrink fit, you have to heat the connection for hours to expand the coupling ID.  Sometimes this procedure doesn’t go as planned, damaging the parts.

Resists contamination. Once the locking screws are engaged and all the contact surfaces are under pressure, the shrink discs shut out dust and debris. This capability was important in a contamination-prone mining application.

Prevents misalignment. Thanks to the even distribution of compression forces around the circumference of the shaft, shrink disc couplings inherently prevent misalignment.


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