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What Do You Know About Heavy Duty Cardan Shafts?



Drum Gear Coupling ExporterThe universal coupling such as Heavy Duty Cardan Shaft makes use of the characteristics of its mechanism so that the two shafts are not on the same axis, and the two shafts connected can be rotated continuously when there is an Angle between axes, and the torque and motion can be transmitted reliably. The biggest characteristic of universal coupling is that its structure has large Angle compensation ability, compact structure and high transmission efficiency. Different structural type universal coupling two axis Angle different, generally between 5 ° to 45 °.

There are various structural types of universal coupling, such as: cross shaft, ball cage, ball fork, convex piece, ball pin, ball hinge, ball hinge plunger, triple pin, three-pin, three-pin, three-ball pin, and hinge pin; The most commonly used is the cross shaft, followed by the ball cage. In practical application, the torque is divided into heavy, medium, light and small.

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