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What Are The Classifications Of Couplings?



First, the star elastic coupling

Star-shaped elastic coupling polyurethane plastic is an elastic component, which has the advantages of cushioning, shock absorption, wear resistance, convenient disassembly and assembly, etc. The working temperature is -35~+80 degrees.

CL Type Gear Coupling

Second, the drum gear coupling

Drum-shaped gear coupling as a gear-shaped tooth coupling of the transmission is developed from the development of ordinary spur gear couplings. There are various types of drum-shaped gear couplings in many advanced industrial countries. The standard and series products consist of two drum-shaped external gear sleeves and a pair of straight-tooth internal gear rings.

Third, the diaphragm coupling from the Diaphragm Coupling Suppliers

Compared with the toothed coupling, the diaphragm coupling has no relative sliding, no lubrication, no sealing, no noise, no maintenance, and is easy to manufacture. It can partially replace the gear coupling.

Fourth, plum-shaped elastic coupling

Plum flexible couplings are mainly suitable for starting, frequent reversing, medium and high speed, medium torque and high reliability requirements, such as: metallurgy, mining, petroleum, chemical, lifting, transportation, light industry, textile, water pump , fans, etc.

Five, elastic pin gear coupling

The elastic pin-pin coupling has a certain compensation for the relative offset of the two axes. It is suitable for medium and large power transmission. It is not suitable for working parts that have certain requirements for vibration reduction and need to be strictly controlled.

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