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What Are the Precautions for the Lubrication of the Universal Joint Shaft?



For the universal joint shaft from Cardan Shaft Manufacturer, many people only know his excellent performance, but few people know about some of his related problems. As a manufacturer specializing in the production of various cross-shaft universal joints, today Xiaobian has compiled some summary for you. I hope to help you, so that you can be more comfortable in the subsequent use, thank you for reading!

What are the precautions for the lubrication of the universal joint shaft?

Cardan Shaft Manufacturer

Lubrication of the universal joint shaft, the main precautions are: lubrication of the universal joint shaft, usually using grease, injecting it from the shaft end and the middle pipe section until the grease overflows from its sealed portion. For the oil filling pressure, it should be controlled below 0.5MPa to avoid problems due to excessive pressure. For the telescopic type, it should be oiled at the extreme position of the spline shaft expansion and contraction, which is better. These hopes should be kept in mind and reflected in the actual work.

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