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What if The Universal Joint Shaft Does Not Add Oil?



What if the universal joint shaft such as the Cardan Shaft for Rolling Mill  does not go into the oil?

The universal joint can't be added to the oil to check these aspects:

(1) Whether the oil hole is blocked. If the grease mouth is smashed to the hexagonal deformation or the grease rust is rusted, the oil passage will be blocked. In this case, the grease fitting should be replaced in time. Huading reminds you to keep the interface clean before the replacement process to prevent the incorporation of mechanical impurities, dust and sand.

(2) The grease pressure of the grease gun is insufficient. The high-pressure oiler is an oil-filling device powered by compressed air. The pump generates high pressure and uses high pressure for oil injection. Pay attention to starting the air compressor before use, and prepare compressed air of 0.6-0.8 MPa. The joints must be cleaned when connecting, and the nut should be tightened with a wrench to avoid oil leakage.

(3) Filling grease is not suitable. Grease works on the principle that the thickener keeps the oil in the position where it needs to be lubricated. When there is a load, the thickener releases the oil and acts as a lubricant. If the winter and summer plum and temperature difference of the environment in which the equipment is located vary greatly, pay attention to the timely replacement of the fat in the season, so as to prevent the hardened butter block from blocking the oil hole. Huading universal shaft such as the Cardan Shaft in Crushing Mill cross shaft assembly generally adopts 3# universal lithium grease, which is applied to various mechanical equipments in the working temperature range of -20°C-120°C. It has good water resistance, mechanical safety and protection. Rust and oxidation stability.

Cardan Shaft for Rolling Mill

(4) Misjudgment by the operator. Why do you say that in some cases, workers will have a misjudgment of not getting into the oil? For example, the general common pneumatic high-pressure oiler delivers about 0.85 L/min. For the SWC350 cross-shaft assembly mentioned in the article, the bearing cavity is filled with a fuel-filled contract of 6.85 s, taking into account the factory pre-filled oil. The actual oil filling time is about 3-5s, depending on the amount of daily grease. Therefore, the replacement time of the grease should be determined according to the specific use conditions, so as to ensure reliable lubrication without causing waste of grease.

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