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Main characteristics of diaphragm coupling



Diaphragm coupling

Diaphragm flexible coupling is widely used in machinery and equipment industry, metallurgy, mines, petroleum, chemical, electric power, shipbuilding, lifting transport, textile, light industry, agricultural machinery, printing machinery and water pump, fan, etc. in the transmission of power machine.

What are the characteristics of the diaphragm coupling?

The diaphragm coupling has excellent compensation for eccentricity, deflection and axial deviation caused by manufacturing error, installation error, bearing deformation and temperature change between the driving and driven shafts. Diaphragm coupling China belongs to the flexible coupling of metal elastic element, it relies on the stainless steel diaphragm to connect the main, from the transmission of torque, has the advantages of elastic vibration reduction, no noise, no lubrication, is now an alternative to the toothed coupling and general coupling ideal product.

diaphragm coupling

JMIJ Type Diaphragm Coupling

Main characteristics of diaphragm coupling:

(1) the ability to compensate the misalignment of two axes is strong, and the angular displacement can be twice as large as that of the toothed coupling. When the radial displacement is done, the reaction force is small and the flexibility is large, allowing certain eccentricity, deflection and axial deviation.

(2) with obvious shock absorption, no noise, no wear.

(3) high transmission efficiency, up to 99.86%. Especially suitable for medium and high speed power transmission.

(4) adapt to high temperature (-80+300) and harsh environment, and can operate safely under shock and vibration conditions.

(5) simple structure, light weight, small volume, convenient installation and disassembly. No need to move the machine. No need for lubrication.

(6) can accurately transfer the speed, no rotation, can be used for precision machinery transmission.

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