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Development of universal coupling



Development of universal coupling

Cardan Shaft products after nearly 10 years of development in our country has made great progress, many products have reached or close to international advanced level, but there are still a considerable part of the coupling and transmission products, in terms of noise and vibration fatigue life and the disparity between the international advanced level, which is closely related to coupling material and heat treatment equipment and technology level. These problems have become the bottleneck for China's coupling products to catch up with the international level.

At present, the phenomenon of "triple light" in coupling industry has become the biggest resistance to further development of coupling industry and further improvement of product level.

1. Emphasis on technology and light research and development.

Cardan Shaft Supplier shares that, at present, although the profits of some large coupling manufacturing enterprises in the world are not high, the research and development expenses always maintain a certain amount, generally accounting for 3% of the sales revenue, and some even reach more than 5%. These enterprises do not chase short-term profits, but pay more attention to the long-term development of enterprises, hoping to maintain the competitive advantage in the industry, which requires constant product innovation and research and development. In contrast, domestic enterprises pay too much attention to and even rely on technological transformation, especially in recent years, a wave of technological transformation has been set off in the industry, and many enterprises have invested huge sums of money to buy advanced equipment. It can be said that many coupling manufacturers have reached the international advanced level of hardware, but the research and development investment is far from enough.

Cardan Shaft Supplier

SWC-BF type cardan shaft

2. Value utility over foundation.

Cardan Shaft China enterprises is generally to adjust the production plan according to the market demand, which sell like hot cakes type or breed of coupling, the enterprise will have on what programs, product is practical, but appear less in technology, performance, including the study of its basic theory are not enough, which makes the product properties and its final life further intensify the gap with foreign products.

3. Focus on the short term rather than the long term.

Quite a few universal coupling production enterprises are doing well at present, but if they are satisfied with the current situation, they may soon be reduced to backward enterprises. In terms of technical level and quality, only a few of our couplings are close to or reach the international advanced level, and most of them are not up to the international second-rate level. Technological innovation ability is one of the most important criteria to evaluate the competitiveness of enterprises in the future. If enterprises do not pay attention to research and development, do not have long-term strategic considerations and advanced product reserves, they cannot keep up with the pace of host development. Enterprises that are progressing now may be backward enterprises in the future, or even be eliminated.

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