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Huading science: coupling processing process



Huading science: coupling processing process

Diaphgram Coupling belong to the level of common parts of mechanical equipment and are used to connect the two shafts (drive shaft and driven shaft) in the unused tissue. In high speed and light load drive systems, some couplings also have the effect of caching, damping and improving the dynamic characteristics of shafting. The coupling is composed of a cold mixing part which is connected with the drive shaft and the driven shaft. In the shafting drive system of mechanical equipment, the common coupling component is the coupling, most of the usual power machinery is based on the coupling and the operation machine interconnecting. At the end of the 30 th century, the world's couplings are developing rapidly. For most design scheme staff, it is always a difficulty in designing products how to select and consider the coupling specified by the equipment from various coupling with different characteristics. Common Diaphgram Coupling China include plum coupling, diaphragm coupling, crosshead slider coupling, pentooth coupling, universal coupling, star elastic coupling, elastic coupling and so on.

Calcination can be divided into manual and mechanical equipment. Low manual production, high labor efficiency, maintenance or simple, small batch production. In modern industrial production, calcination without mechanical equipment has become the key method of calcination production and manufacturing, which plays a key role in the production and manufacturing of heavy machinery and equipment.


JM II J Type Diaphragm Coupling With Intermediate Shaft

The raw materials of the coupling steel castings must be certified and, if they must be replaced, the buyer's consent must be obtained and a written document must be presented. Steel castings should be calcined on a forging hammer of sufficient tonnage or pressure. Steel castings should have sufficient calcination ratio so that the whole cross-section of the calcination is complete and a symmetrical mechanism can be obtained. The centerline of the steel casting shall be equal to the axis of the ingot. Steel castings shall be made from ingots or billets. Allow calcining of fish scales, usually should be separated from the conditioning treatment.

Quenching and tempering treatment after calcination: heating treatment should be carried out after calcination to improve the structure and technological performance of steel castings.

Roughage production and processing: roughage production and processing by Diaphgram Coupling Factory should be carried out before steel casting quenching and tempering treatment to set aside the minimum processing allowance.

Properties conditioning treatment: cast steel shall be aging treatment to exceed the specified characteristics.

Hardware processing after tempering and tempering: after passing the physical performance, the steel casting parts will be processed to the specifications and roughness required in the engineering drawings presented by the dealer. However, if all surfaces are drilled beyond production, the working pressure must be removed.

Stress relief solution: the stress relief temperature of steel castings should be less than the final quenching temperature of 40°, after heat insulation insulation should be slow water cooling. If the stress relief temperature is 40° higher than the quenching temperature, the physical properties of the cast steel should be tested again after the stress is removed.

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