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Huading machinery science: diaphragm coupling technology advantages



Huading machinery science: diaphragm coupling technology advantages

1. Dry test coupling without retouch

Malleable diaphragm coupling USES the metal diaphragm to transmit torque and absorb deformation caused by errors. There is no relative speed between parts and no friction damage. Therefore, no polishing is required. The gear coupling is a rigid movable coupling, which compensates for the errors of the two shafts by means of the relativistic slip in the middle of the tooth surface. In particular, high speed operation appears to be prominent, when under the effect of centripetal force, oil separation, leakage, and so on, and the selection of grease, because of the runing design scheme is the bearing oil of the connected equipment, but not the transmission gear grease suitable for bearing capacity. Therefore, the high-speed operation of the gear coupling of the runing problem is particularly prominent. At the same time, the damage caused by relativistic slip of tooth surface will lead to a series of problems such as oil, dirt and imbalance. Therefore, although gear couplings used to be the choice for high speed power application, with the emergence and development trend of diaphragm couplings, gear couplings gradually disappeared.

2. All metal components, the transmission of torsion work capacity, long life

The diaphragm coupling China USES the metal diaphragm as the elastic element, with high compressive strength and great load transfer capacity. Besides, there is no nonmetallic material in all the products, no embrittlement problem, long service life, and it is suitable for harsh application in the natural environment. It is not comparable to a non-metallic material elastomer coupling.

diaphragm coupling

JM II Type Diaphragm Coupling Without Sinking Hole

3. Great ability to compensate for errors and convenient installation

Diaphragm coupling buy from Diaphgram Coupling Factory adopts pulse damper with high toughness and low alloy steel, which can undertake great deformation together with torsional transmission, thus compensating for errors of two axes. Due to the low compressive strength and embrittlement of the non-metallic elastic elements, the elastic coupling of non-metallic materials not only has a short life, but also has a small working capacity. The tooth coupling is introduced in detail by the material of containing element of the relative slip rate of tooth surface and the polishing standard, the relative slip rate of tooth surface should not exceed 0.12m/s. Therefore, the installation alignment of elastic coupling and gear coupling of non-metallic materials is highly specified. If the error exceeds the approved scope, it will cause the coupling to become rapidly invalid.

4. Low radial and angular bending stiffness, which does little harm to the machine and equipment

The diaphragm coupling USES the metal diaphragm which is too thin as the elastic element, and the angular and radial bending stiffness is low, so the extra radial force and extra bending distance are not large. Because the tooth surfaces of gear couplings can slip relatively, it is felt that gear couplings can compensate for large angular and radial errors without causing additional damage to the generator set. In fact, such thoughts are not true. The ductile diaphragm coupling can cause considerable extra radial force and extra bending distance to the shaft and the rolling bearing due to friction and errors of the two shafts.

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