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How does the coupling reduce vibration and enhance the dynamic characteristics of the shaft system?



How does the coupling reduce vibration and enhance the dynamic characteristics of the shaft system

A coupling such as Gear Coupling China, is a mechanical component used to connect two shafts (drive and driven) in different tissues to rotate each other to transmit torque. In high speed and heavy duty drive systems, some couplings also have the effect of caching, damping and improving the dynamic characteristics of shafting. The coupling consists of two sections connected with the drive shaft and the driven shaft respectively.

Coupling of many customers because of the coupling type, form, specifications are not know very much, so will care more about the price, and ignore the quality of the coupling, the correct understanding of the definition of type, form, specifications have basically, on the basis of the transmission device must pick coupling, first choose from already formulated as the standard coupling, for national standards in the present stage in our country and line pre-tender estimate, there are dozens of coupling the standard coupling for the most part is generality, each the coupling always have some characteristics and application fields, basic meet varied load must be, Under normal circumstances, design scheme staff do not design and manufacture couplings, only in the current specification of couplings can not meet the requirements of the design and manufacture of couplings.

Gear Coupling China

Standard couplings are convenient to purchase and much cheaper than non-standard couplings designed and manufactured. In various specifications of the coupling, the proper choosing suitable themselves must be the best coupling, shaft drive system associated with mechanical equipment commodity characteristics and credibility of the job, life, vibration, noise, environmental protection and energy saving, high efficiency transmission system, transmission system precision and rationality of a series of problems, also associated with mechanical equipment the quality of the goods.

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