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LZ Type Flexible Pin Coupling
  • LZ Type Flexible Pin Coupling
  • LZ Type Flexible Pin Coupling
  • LZ Type Flexible Pin Coupling
  • LZ Type Flexible Pin Coupling

LZ Type Flexible Pin Coupling

    Flexible Pin Coupling

    · Model: LZ Type

    · Norminal Torque: 0.112kN. M - 2800kN. M

    · Allowed Rotation Sppeed: 5000rpm - 460rpm

    · Connection: Shaft hole 

    · Shaft Hole Diameter(d1,d2,dz): 12mm - 850mm

    · Shaft Hole Length (L): 27mm - 880mm

    · Applications: Metallurgy, mining, lifting, transportation, petroleum, chemical, ships, textile, light industry, agricultural machinery, printing machines and pumps, fans, compressors, machine tools and other mechanical equipment and industry shaft transmission.

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  • Description

    LZ type flexible pin drum gear coupling's outer edges of the two half-couplings and the inner edges of the outer sleeve are made into semi-circular grooves with the same radius, which are combined into the pin holes to embed the pins. The half-coupling of the driving shaft drives the outer sleeve through the pins, the outer sleeve drives the driven half-coupling to rotate by the pins to transmit the torque. Working temperature: -20 ~ +70 ℃




    ● (1) Transmission torque is large. At the same torque, most of the rotary diameters are smaller than the gear couplings, small size and light weight, it can partially replace the gear couplings;

    ● (2) Compared with the gear coupling, the structure is simple, fewer components, manufacturing more convenient and doesn’t need gear machining machine;

    ● (3) Easy maintenance, longer life, only remove the baffle to replace the nylon pin.

    ● (4) Nylon pins is self-lubricating material, without lubrication, not only save oil, but also clean the work environment;

    ● (5) Vibration damping function is poor, loud noise.

    Flexible pin gear coupling has some compensation for the performance of the relative displacement of the two shafts, and is suitable for medium and high power drive, it does not apply to the vibration of certain requirements and noise need to strictly control the work site.

    LZ type - Basic type;

    LZD type - Conical shaft hole (with the motor connection);

    LZJ type - Connect the intermediate shaft type;

    LZZ type - With brake wheel type.

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