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NGCL Drum Gear Coupling With Brake Wheel
  • NGCL Drum Gear Coupling With Brake Wheel
  • NGCL Drum Gear Coupling With Brake Wheel

NGCL Drum Gear Coupling With Brake Wheel

    Drum Gear Coupling With Brake Wheel

    · Model: NGCL Type

    · Norminal Torque: 355N. M - 100000N. M

    · Allowed Rotation Sppeed: 4000rpm - 950rpm

    · Connection: Shaft hole 

    · Shaft Hole Diameter(d1,d2,dz): 20mm - 250mm

    · Shaft Hole Length (L): 52mm - 410mm

    · Applications: Metallurgy, mining machinery and other heavy machinery.

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  • Description

    NGCL type drum gear coupling is comprised of the same number of teeth in the inner gear ring and the outer teeth of the flange semi-coupling and other components. It has type A and type B the two types, Type A is suitable for NGCL1~NGCL13, Type B is suitable for NGCL14.

    NGCL 制动轮鼓形齿 1.jpg



    Characteristics & Applications:

    1. With a small amount of axial offset compensation performance, can not buffer and damping.

    2. Small size, high transmission torque theoretically, need to be lubricated and sealed, but large noise and expensive price, used for the connection level of two coaxial shaft drive.

    3. For connecting of two coaxial axis under the low-speed and heavy load conditions, such as metallurgical machinery and heavy duty machinery etc.

    4. Does not apply to high-speed and high-precision shaft drive, starting frequently,and reversing the changing conditions should not be used.

    5. Supporting with brake, used for metallurgical machinery and heavy machinery which need the brake parts.


    NGCL type - with brake wheel basic type;

    NGCLZ type - with brake wheel intermediate shaft type.

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