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WGP Drum Gear Coupling With Brake Disc
  • WGP Drum Gear Coupling With Brake Disc

WGP Drum Gear Coupling With Brake Disc

    Drum Gear Coupling With Brake Disc

    · Model: WGP Type

    · Norminal Torque: 80-N. M - 180000N. M

    · Connection: Shaft hole 

    · Brake Disc Diameter(Do): 315mm - 1000mm

    · Shaft Hole Diameter(d1,d2,dz): 12mm - 260mm

    · Shaft Hole Length (L): 32mm - 410mm

    · Applications: Metallurgy, mining, lifting and transportation industries, petroleum, chemical, general machinery and other heavy machinery shaft drive.

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  • Description

    WGP type drum gear coupling with brake disc comprised of the same number of teeth in the inner gear ring and the outer teeth of the flange semi-coupling and other components. The coupling is suitable for connection with two horizontal axis drive shaft, brake disc diameter 315-1000mm, transmission nominal torque 800-180000N.m.

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    1. Double drum-shaped tooth structure, can compensate for a larger axis offset;

    2. The brake disc is arranged at the passive end of the coupling, the weight of the brake disc and the working brake load and vibration are completely supported by the half coupling, thereby improving the meshing performance of the drum teeth during braking;

    3. The maximum braking torque is not restricted by the structural strength of the coupling, safe and reliable;

    4. Compact structure, brake disc cooling conditions are good;

    5. Plug-in brake disc can be quickly be replaced without having to remove the device.

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